In today’s youth society, it is sometimes difficult to trace a conversation because of the myriad slangs – for some reason, a number of words that we think are sensible and logical have disappeared from the colloquial language, the use of which seems to have signaled you yesterday. decided to go back to the roots a bit, recalling some undeservedly forgotten words.

1 The most difficult thing for us is to survive the disappearance of the word ‘jeeps’ from the vocabulary, because without it apples will never sound truly stylish and playful, which will have a very bad long-term effect on the public audience of the viburnum.

2 It is true that we did not record the moment when people stopped using the words ‘živenes’ and ‘kiļļenes’, replacing it with the less fashionable ‘chews’, but we suspect that this happened at about the same time as the interlude games no longer included ‘phoenixes’. ‘, leaving the battles with chewing papers on the same shelf with fisk. It should be noted that ‘živenes’ and ‘kižnēsis’ were often used in a sentence with the word ‘saciensi?’

3 The public is very confused when it comes to classifying bicycles – mountain bike, BMX, fixture… For us, they all still look like rollers and rickshaws – just as simple.

4 There is also a certain lack of expression of emotions due to the lack of use of the words ‘kippi’ and ‘choi’. In addition, these two words are perfectly compatible with any of the other slang words.

5 Also, ‘chunky’ fits very well with the word ‘cupcake’, which used to mean not only the status of a confectionery product, but also the first jack in the class. The past of this word is best played out by the group ‘Keksi’, whose audience is still touched by nostalgic memories from the days of youth, when all the choir cakes with foals are talking about javelins.

6 If in that case you weren’t too chunky, then you were probably a lunohod who marked a person without a full ruble. Despite the Russian origin of the word, its good sound makes it very pleasant to pronounce the word aloud. But the good news is that we still have the Latvian terms ‘jampampiņš’, ‘putlūriņš’ and ‘pifantiņš’.

7 Since the stylish chicks had their own name, the need forced to somehow classify the fashionable chicks as well. These were called ‘jars’.

8 ‘Playing ball’, of course, sounds very nice, but in the real courtyards there was a much more impressive and less sticky phrase ‘grab a buceni’, which was most often expressed by small cakes with scratched knees and vice versa.
RIA Novosti / ScanpixWell, moins: An undeservedly forgotten and choin slang not used by the new generation

9 As other interests began to grow slightly and appear, it seemed more and more tempting to quietly gather behind garages to open up to everyone a vineyard known today as the boring and snobic term ‘wine’.


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