Bačo Ciklauri is a completely ordinary student who is no different from his peers. However, he stands out in his class and school. Namely, in the remote Georgian town of Bacho is the only child in his class and in the whole school.
A lonely school in the mountains of Georgia, where the only and last student

1 Makarta is a small Georgian village located in a mountainous region about 100 kilometers from the national capital Tbilisi.

2 The settlement is home to about 30 people, including four children – three of high school age, as well as a ten-year-old Bacho.

3 If the older children are forced to go to a neighboring village to study, then Bacho enjoys a real private school, where he is the only student.

4 The picture shows Baco waiting for his school to open. He was visited by a photographer from the agency ‘Reuters’, who admitted that the child was most interested in seeing the guest’s photography equipment.

5 During the lessons, Bacho answers all the questions, he is always forced to show his homework and he is always called to the board. Because there are no other options in the class at all.
6 The most boring part is the breaks, because Bacho is mostly forced to play alone. Sometimes one of the two teachers comes to kick the ball with him.

7 They perceive their only student with shared feelings – both with joy and sorrow, because everyone has a sharp awareness that the school will be closed after graduating from Bacho.
Reuters / Scanpix