Neglītas mašīnas


Professionals also tend not to get the things they do. The portal has compiled a list of the ten ugliest cars. The order of the list is of little importance – it would also not be able to save anything.

1 Austin-Healey Sprite Mk1 (1958-1961) – This is called one of the dumbest toads to look like a toad. The maximum speed was 130 kilometers per hour.

2 Rolls-Royce Camargue (1975-1986) – how can you expect a car to be beautiful if it is named in honor of the French swamps. True, in any other way it was perfect, as a result of which it paid accordingly – $ 150,000.

3 Alfa Romeo SZ / RZ (1989-1994) – for this machine, the designer damaged both the lamps and the rear, and introduced an absurd combination of lines. The dislike was just so great that only 1,500 copies were released.

4 Edsel (1958-1960) – It was joked about this machine that its front and rear design was developed by people who were not allowed to communicate with each other. Nor was a silly gearbox on the wheel, low safety and other stuff in its favor.

5 Ford Scorpio (1994-1998) – The Scorpio got off to a promising start, so when developing the second generation car, the designers tried to transform it. As a result, they got a machine that looks like a molten piece of plasticine.

6 Pontiac Aztek (2001-2005) – the absolute leader, who has received several awards as the ‘ugliest car of the century’. The reason for the failure was the desire to save. However, its lifespan is not so short – people still tend to dig into it today. True, no one really tries to move with it.

7 SsangYong Rodius (since 2004) – The designers of this masterpiece are inspired by ocean yachts. This is probably why we all too often do not see yachts on the roads.
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8 Fiat Multipla (1998-2010) – If the fantasy TV star ‘Stranger’ drove a car, this would definitely be his choice. Fiat was also aware of its mistake, so people were not pushed to buy it. However, it was available for 12 years.
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9 Subaru Baja (2002-2006) – Although this model had grand plans to sell at least 24,000 units a year, in reality not so much was achieved even during its entire existence.
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Covini C6W (since 2004) – Building on the success of the 1976 Tyrrell car, Covini sought to offer a three-axle supercar. With six tires. Further comments are unnecessary. True, there are rumors that the Italians are still releasing these cars, only no one knows whether anyone is buying them.