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The tree has many great properties, one of them – it has a positive effect on a person’s well-being and health. Therefore, when choosing toys for a child, it is desirable to give preference to natural, wooden and developing toys. In this article, we offer five reasons why it is better to choose a product made directly from wood.
Why is it better to use wooden toys in a child’s development?

1 Wooden toys develop better cognition and play skills. Electronic plastic toys are often too loud and stifle a child’s imagination. Wooden toys, on the other hand, develop a child’s imagination better by making them think, fantasize more, because they usually do not have “talking”, “singing” or other similar functions. The child has to move, move and move the toys himself, which in turn means that the child develops his own skills.
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2 Wooden toys help to develop movements. Unlike toys made of lightweight plastic, wooden objects are usually slightly heavier, so when a child plays with them, he learns more about his abilities and develops movements, such as lifting wooden blocks and building a tower from them. It has a particularly beneficial effect on children with delayed development in order to promote the improvement of fine motor skills, and is also useful for children suffering from various sensory disorders

3 Wooden toys have a long life. Although many people prefer plastic toys because of their relatively low price, buying wooden items will be a long-term investment. Not only do they look much better than plastic products, but they are also easier to renew and will fit well in a wide variety of interiors, even when the child has grown up. In addition, they will be able to be passed down from generation to generation as a family heirloom.
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4 Wooden toys are safe. Plastic toys can contain many harmful substances that can adversely affect a child’s health. Also, wooden toys do not usually use batteries, which can be dangerous to even a child’s life. Because young children often get to know the world “through their mouths” and toys are tasted when they buy plastic toys, they can be put at risk. If property containing harmful chemicals gets into a child’s mouth, the toxic substances can get into the baby’s blood. However, when buying wooden toys, make sure that the paint with which they are treated is not toxic.
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5 Wooden toys have less impact on the environment. Because children tend to lose interest in various toys quickly, they soon end up in the trash unless given back to other children. In addition, plastic toys decompose very slowly and release various harmful substances into the soil. A good alternative is wooden toys that are made from a renewable, biodegradable resource. Purchasing such items will protect the environment and reduce the amount of toxic substances in it, thus ensuring that children live in a more environmentally friendly environment in the future.