About us

Skats.lv is a Latvian Internet portal that, following the current trends in the world of the Internet media industry, offers a modern way to obtain information – short, exhaustive and visually powerful.

Skats.lv slogan is “Gaujarta” song “Dust” line “and there is nothing superfluous”.

First of all, it means that we guarantee the visitor of the portal really interesting, engaging messages about what is important in Latvia and in the world, nowadays and in history, beautiful and ugly, serious and entertaining. There will be fewer messages than on traditional news sites, so there will be no unnecessary information here either.

Secondly, it means that unlike traditional media, the Skats.lv form will be laconic. Instead of many dozens of pictures, only a few, but the most beautiful. Instead of long descriptions, they are short but informative and provide valuable information to the reader.

Skats.lv believes that our reader is smart, curious, with a good sense of humor, modern. Our reader knows how to spend his precious time learning new information – and that is why, both to learn something really valuable and to do it quickly, we offer a way of presenting information as you see it on the portal Skats.lv

Skats.lv was born on May 19, 2014.