VW Golfs

To get rid of your ‘Volkswagen Golf 1.8’ as successfully as possible, a British wit (or depressed loner) has placed an ad with a rubber doll.
By applying a little creative thinking, the owner of the Golf has circumvented the justification for defects and rust, because no one can worry if a rubber doll points to them in good faith. The only worry is how much shared memory the couple stores in this machine.
The fair method has paid off – buyers are both entertained and informed about the real condition of the car, while the owner is brought to the attention of the public. The machine is nothing new – the situation for the second generation Golf is ‘tired’, so it is natural for him to get on eBay.
The owner explains the presence of a rubber doll in an elementary way: ‘a model that likes a car had arrived at me over the weekend, so it insisted on appreciating rumaka’.
After a detailed inspection, the ‘model’ has concluded that the engine and transmission are good, but rust on the front wing is a problem. The price of the car has already risen from 99 pence to 205 pounds (252 euros), which can be increased at the auction until June 10.
Unrelated – we hope that this car will become a stepping stone to the purchase of a newer vehicle, which could help the author of the ad to get to a real woman.