Neglītas sievietes


Mocking and ridicule of other people is a widespread phenomenon in today’s society, where most people are strong beauties from magazine covers, but it is even more difficult when ridicule is no longer just a local school joke, but a global sensation.

1 It was at the age of 17 that Lizzie Velasquez, a Texas woman, fell victim to such massive ridicule. She accidentally saw a video clip on her YouTube video store calling her “the ugliest woman in the world.”

2 “It was evening and I decided to find some music on YouTube. But what I found completely shocked me! I don’t know why I clicked on this video, but I did, and it changed my whole life, ”Lizzia later said.

3 The video had been watched by several million people who wrote in their comments that such an ugly person would have to kill himself if his mother had not tried to have an abortion in time.

4 “They called me a monster and called me to smoke from the surface of the earth with fire. How can one forgive such words? ” Lizija asks.

5 The girl’s heart was broken, but she found the strength to ignore the influx of evil comments, because Lizia is also a person who, like everyone else, wants to be happy.

6 Today, Lizzia is a 26-year-old woman who has achieved what many people fail in a lifetime – she has published three books, travels the world a lot, gives motivational lectures and runs anti-bullying campaigns.

7 Last week, the documentary ‘ A Brave Heart: The Lizzie Velasquez Story ‘ was released, which tells the story of Lizie’s public activities, and according to the media, the film has earned a real standing ovation.

8 Lizija says that she feels very happy at the moment, but emphasizes that not all people have enough strength to receive the humiliation they have suffered. She asks to think about the tragic consequences that regular ridicule can have for another person.

9 Lizzie weighs 27 kilograms and can’t gain weight no matter what she eats. One of her eyes is blind, but these problems are caused by a rare genetic disease.

10 Lysia has been diagnosed with Marfan’s syndrome, a congenital disease that affects the body’s connective tissue, preventing the body from developing normally. The symptoms of this syndrome are on average for one person in 5,000, but not for everyone it manifests itself in such an extreme form as for Lizia.