Starry Sky


An Australian photographer, using the advantages of modern technology, has taken such beautiful shots of the starry sky that in the virtual environment they have already been called “the most beautiful photographs of stars taken by man”.

1 This photographer is 40-year-old Lincoln Harris from Bendigo, Australia, but the photos were not taken only in his homeland.

2 In addition to Australia, the photographer has also captured these shots in various places in the United States – in Yosemite National Park, on Lake Tahoe in Nevada and elsewhere.

3 The photographer reveals that he used two types of techniques to take these shots, and as a result, some of the photographs look like a stellar explosion, while some look like a colorful panoramic wheel.
Vida Press

4 The unusual color palette can be explained by the different surface temperatures of the stars: cooler stars look red in pictures, while warmer stars look blue.

5 The photographer reveals that he only managed to capture these shots with a camera, changing the focal length of the lens and a huge amount of patience.

6 “Both of these images are achieved by changing the focal length on the lens at the time of the shot: in one case, they are 30-second shots with a very fast zoom, but the spiral effect is achieved with a slow zoom over a long period of time, up to a few hours,” .

7 Of course, not every camera can take such shots, and the technical parameters used by Harris are very specific and detailed.

8 “I travel to different places and stay until I have taken the desired shot. I will admit that sometimes it is a very painful procedure, which is extremely difficult to endure, ”revealed the photographer.
9 However, the result is impressive, and his work has received widespread response among both professionals and Internet users.

10 Already 125 years before Harris, similar scenes were “photographed” by the Dutch artist Vincent van Gogh.