Best Notes


We have always kept our hands on the pulse of domestic youth in Twitter. How else would we have learned about young artists or happy drifters . This time our attention came to the teachers’ remarks, which were so good that they were simply destined to come into the public eye.

1 Perhaps even more confusing than the note itself is that it is written in the ‘What to do’ section.

2 One might think that flying a bra is not a physics.

3  “Writes text messages in a World History class, reads a literary book.” … In her literature, she read a book on world history.

4 Hairdressing skills also need to be developed at some point.

5 “Jump out the second floor window in Cabinet 29.” Worst of all, it wasn’t even a sport.

6 During the lessons, they talk and do not listen to the new place, as well as visit Internet websites without permission on the computer, which have nothing to do with the new subject and subject. Prevents the teacher from leading the lesson.