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The film industry has always followed the production of films on topics that are closest to people. Of course, in the daily threat of hacker attacks, this topic must also continue its triumphant march on the cinema agenda. Already on January 23, expecting the 21st century hacking film ‘Blackhat’ on the screens, the representative of ‘’ Sergejs Timoņins named the six best films about hackers on the portal.
‘Hackers’ (1995): The movie that started it all. Angelina Jolie’s ex-husband (one of them all), Johnny Lee Miller, known as Sherlock of ‘Elementary’ and Doctor and Frankenstein of the Danny Boyle Theater, is the world’s best hacker to save the world from a horrific computer virus. Banal, predictable and nowadays also very funny. This is also the cult film of our youth – when hackers were intriguing and stylish, not evil and dangerous – with the golden youth of Hollywood at that time and the insane energy inherent in it. The film also includes countless references to the father of the genre, William Gibson, as well as a still fantastic soundtrack. With a little shame, we have to admit that we love.
‘Johnny Mnemonic’ (1995): We continue with Kian, who in this funny but nostalgic vision of our possible (in fact – completely impossible) future, in which the future Neo first embraces virtual reality. Of course, it is not Kianu alone – Dean Meijer, Ice-T, Henry Rollins, Udo Cyrus, Dolf Lundgren as a post-apocalyptic pastor and even Takeshi Kitano (!) Are featured in this film. Its screenplay was written by William Gibson, the father of the ‘cyberpunk’ genre. Cult what a cult – what else does it add! Sadly, Gibson’s ‘Neuromancer’ wasn’t filmed either – there would be the author of the megafilm ‘Torque’ and Twitter joker Joseph Kahn at the wheel.
‘The Matrix’ (1999): Everyone knows what it is, but does everyone know what it could have been? It is a well-known fact that we successfully avoided Will Smith in the lead role (with the inevitable ‘reps’ song on the track’ Hackin ‘Big Willie style’), but did you know that the role of Neo was abandoned by Nicholas Cage? That would be the Matrix! A book can be written about the metamorphoses of the film both before and during its filming (which, in fact, has already been done), but most importantly, it did not simply succeed, but defined the language of cinema of the last century and the whole millennium and beyond. The sequels (basically – like all the future Vachowski filmography) were mostly disappointing, but I recommend giving them a second chance – you will be surprised, because at the technical level they are still excellent. But content is already a matter of taste.
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The six best movies about hackers

‘Swordfish’ (2001): Probably the closest to today’s topic of ‘hacker’ cinema (even their names compete with their inconsistency with what’s happening on screen), Matrix ‘current’ bullet time ‘in its highest degree, good and bad terrorists, Paul Oakenfold soundtrack and John Travolta with a funny hairstyle! As well as the harshest stress test seen in the cinema and two million US dollars in additional (!) Royalties for Halle Beria – one for each breast, and that’s no joke.
‘Blackhat’ (2015): This time the topic was addressed by Michael Mann (‘Heat’, ‘Collateral’), Hollywood’s leading expert on hard men and decisions, who decided to be the first to look at this 21st century disease – cyber terrorists. Moreover, as once through the prism of terrorism, not romance (khm, ‘Hackers’). We are faced with large-scale shootings, chasing across continents, the hacker God Chris Hemsworth (‘I trained in prison’, yes) and perhaps the most realistic hacking scenes seen in a Hollywood movie to date – all in the usual Michael Mann, who films the same story with minor variations) in the film about people-gears, people with missions and their inevitable collision at a time when, as the old, good Joker said, ‘immovable object meets an unstoppable force.’ This film will be screened on January 23,In the screening organized by already on the 22nd date.